Erik Odin Cathcart

This site is in support of the forthcoming book An Artful Life, A Guide for the Undernourished by Erik Odin Cathcart. The focus of this blog is to share lessons, ideas, and guidance from the book and my own personal experiences. I’ll also be inviting guest posts from other people to share their thoughts and their own artful experiences.

This book is a kind of artwork for me in the sense that artworks for artists are things that have to be expressed and can’t be held within. I’ve been working on this book for over five years, and it’s something that has mysteriously compelled me. I hope that you find the insights here and inevitably in the book when it’s published, helpful in your own attempts to live an artful life, especially in these times of great uncertainty.

A little about me:  I was born and raised in Upstate New York. My parents were both life-long secondary educators and are now passed. I’ve been a practicing artist since I was roughly 15. I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where I received a BFA in Painting/Illustration. Later I returned to graduate school at SUNY New Paltz and obtained an MFA in Painting there. I have also been a professional art director and marketer for over 18 years, working for a variety of technology startups and then a green building nonprofit called Earth Advantage. I’ve also enjoyed stints as both a professional curator and a visiting curator as well as working with art installation and shipping. I have been writing as a cultural critic about American culture and art for ten years.